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Printed Fence Covers – As Unique as your Garden


Printed fence covers for double rod fences have gained an immense popularity among homeowners and businesses in previous years. While green, or anthracite single-colored fence covers have dominated the market in the past, a new trend in the form of printed technical-fleece covers is shaking up the gardening industry in 2016. Printed fence covers are decorative landscaping elements that can transform your garden instantaneously through individualized designs such as sandstone walls, or timber floor boards.


The Material makes the Difference’s printed fence covers are made of 100% shape-retaining polyester, a weather and UV-resistant material that is easy to clean and maintain. Highly-pigmented colors that are used during the manufacturing process give the covers a lightfast and natural look. The technical fleece is recyclable and scored a 7 on a scale of 8 in color fastness to light tests.


A complete fence cover is made of multiple imprinted stripes. The covers are delivered on 26m long and 19cm wide rolls. One roll covers a standard double rod fence (H2xW2.50m). The stripes can be used for every double rodded fence with a standard mash distance of 19cm. beidseitig bedruckte Sichtschutzstreifen auf Rolle

Printed Fence Covers


The technical-fleece distinguishes itself from industry related products in various ways. The material’s flexibility enables a quick and easy setup and gives the fence covers the necessary stability to avoid the shifting of the fabric. Common issues such as rattling in the wind or unwanted gaps in the material will not occur with’s printed fence cover. The material is tightly interlaced to the fence, providing optimal protection and stability.

The printed fence covers consist of a very translucent material that offers visual protection while allowing for natural light to shine through. This enhances the authenticity of each individual design while adding a natural and comforting feel. A broad assortment of design categories such as woods- firewood, stones- timber floor boards, or plants – vine are exclusively available in our online store.


  • Recyclable technical textile
  • Rated 7 on a scale of 8 in color fastness to light tests
  • Elastic and stable form. Avg. weight: 300g
  • Easy to clean with a high-pressure cleaner
  • Made in Germany