• How do you install the material to the fence?

    As you see below, the material needs to be weaved in the fence row by row.

    It depends on, how you weave in your design!

    Each printed stripe is installed with one clip at the beginning and at the end of a double rod row.

  • What do I need to consider?

    Endless prints:

    Each role is 26 m in length. A standard width of a fence is 250 cm. The height varies between 100cm – 180cm (private fence). Calculate for each row 260cm, 3-5cm for overlapping on both fence edges. Each role contains material for 10 rows, 10 x 260 cm length (5m² - works for 1 fence element of 250 cm X 200 cm).

    In case you find unwanted patterns on the complete fence area, just change 1-2 Zaundruck stripes, one row with another.

    unwanted patterns: no patterns:


    Design prints:

    Installing Design Prints is just as simple as installing endless prints. You just start with your first row on the role and work yourself downwards. You will find a 2mm white line each 260cm stripe, showing where you need to cut ( Attention ! Design prints are developed for fences with a width of 250 cm ).


    All fence stripes are secured at each end of a 250 cm fence with a clips. This way the flexible stripes are completely secured to the fence.