• Are the fence covers imprinted on both sides?

    Generally, both sides of the product are imprinted. We offer two types of products: Endless prints and design prints. 

    Endless covers are generally imprinted on both sides.

    Design prints consist of one printed and one plain side.


  • What is the cover made of?

    The fence cover is made of a technical textile which consists of 100% polyester-fleece. The material is free of any polyvinyl chloride and weighs approx. 300g/m2 with 1mm in widths.

  • Is the cover storm resistant?

    Unfortunately we are unable to provide information about storm resistance levels. Necessary static calculations for individual fences should be conducted through a home builder or gardening center.

  • How durable are the Fence Covers?

    Zaundruck.de utilizes highly lightfast colors that are also used in the production of high-end automotive interior. Zaundruck.de’s fence covers were rated 7 on a scale of 8 in various color fastness to light tests, testifying the quality and durability of our products. Slight alterations in color are possible over time, due to the material’s natural characteristic. Such alterations are nevertheless rarely visible to the human eye since color changes in natural textile such as fleece generally develop evenly. Zaundruck.de provides a two year warranty to protect our customers from unlikely but possible deterioration.

  • How many Rolls are needed to cover my Fence?

    Please input the height and width of your fence when selecting your desired print. The calculator will automatically amount the exact number of rolls needed for your fence.

  • How many Clips are needed for the Setup?

    Each printed stripe is installed with one clip at the beginning and at the end of a double rod row. Two clips are necessary to install one stripe. To calculate the total amount of clips required for the setup of a complete cover, determine the number of rows that will be covered and multiply it by two. The clips are delivered in a pack of 25, which is sufficient for the setup of an entire cover on a standard fence.

  • In Which Colors are the Clips Available?

    The clips are currently available in black in our online store.

  • I require less material than the standard amount. Is it possible to order smaller stripes?

    A standard roll is 26m long and 19cm wide. Unfortunately we are unable to provide smaller sizes at this point.

  • Is it possible to request a Sample?

    Yes, we will gladly send you qualitative samples of your favorite designs. Please be aware that the number of samples per customer is limited to three.

  • Can I design my own Printed Cover?

    Of course! You can upload personal pictures to the Photo Editor on our website or choose from a variety of photos on one of our partnering websites Fotolia or PatternDesign.